Campaining for the Art Deco Capital of the World – Napier City

In the 1930’s, a powerful earthquake struck Napier City, New Zealand. Striking in the heart of the Art Deco era, it was rebuilt according to those sensibilities. While a lot has changed in art & design since then, Napier City today still stands as a testament to the Art Deco style and has become known as one of the world’s foremost Art Deco cities.

To claim ownership of the tile of the “Art Deco City” and to promote its image as such, the Napier City Council turned to New Zealand’s Adplus Communications to help them with their campaign. Consisting of signage and posters, Adplus created adhered to the Art Deco-style in their design and implementation, advertising notable areas, including the seaport, airport and key roads into the city.

Battleship Posters Are a Hit for JWT

Ovi, a provider of a long list of applications for Nokia phones is now offering the classic game, Battleship, in their online store. To promote the new game, Nokia turned to full service ad agency, JWT Australia New Zealand to design a series of posters. JWT art directors Jordan Young, Steve Back, Murray Bransgrove and their creative team developed a series of posters that depict familiar seagoing vessels studded with gigantic red pegs that anyone who has played Battleship will instantly recognize. Each poster, which combines historic black and white imagery and iconic, larger than life red pegs should be a “hit” with those of us who grew up playing Battleship as well as newcomers now playing the game on Nokia’s mobile devices.