Food & Spirits Magazine No.11 Design

FSM11 Cover Image

Scott Creative recently worked with Food & Spirits Magazine to wrap up the magazine’s 11th issue. Putting together a magazine may seem like a daunting task considering all the preparation, planning and attention to detail that’s involved, but working with FSM has always been a rewarding experience.

The challenges of magazine layout are numerous: working within the restraints of a final page count, collecting editorial and photos, making image and text work together to create interesting page layouts – just to name a few. In the end though, it’s tough to beat the smell of a freshly pressed magazine – not to mention the pride all those involved in the process feel after seeing it for the first time.

I’m proud of this most recent issue of FSM and it has plenty to offer readers. Aside from a healthy dose of local food, spirits and industry-related news, readers will find several interesting articles covering a wide range of topics. Look for your free copy at your favorite bar or restaurant in the Omaha Metro area this April.

FSM Contents Page Image

FSM Editorial Page Image

FSM Editorial Page Image 2