Name That Font

the Font Game as it appears on the iPhone & iPod Touch

The Font Game challenges players to correctly identify 34 fonts as quickly as they can.

Being a designer myself, my hope is that I could name more fonts than someone who doesn’t share my profession, or at the very least name as many as the digits on each hand. Comes with the job, right? That’s not to say there isn’t a myriad of people out there that simply have a love of type and want to prove their dedication to themselves – or someone else.
Maybe you’re like me and occasionally build on your knowledge of the ever-increasing library of fonts out there; maybe you’re interested in just learning a little more about typography in an unobtrusive way; maybe you’re already a sucker for all things type related; whatever the case may be, now there’s a game for you. The aptly titled Font Game, an application for the iPhone and iPod touch, which can also be played online, challenges players to identify 34 fonts in as little time as possible – your score depends on it.

Go ahead; try it out and add at least a few more fonts to your ‘typographic repertoire’ – you’ll find there’s a lot more out there than Times, Arial and Courier… you want me to keep going?

Type Hype: Typekit Revolutionizes Font Usage on the Web

Typekit - the easiest way to use REAL FONTS on your website

A new web platform developed by Typekit is revolutionizing the way we use fonts online.

Web Developers and Designers alike are often find themselves frustrated by the limitations the web currently has on font usage. In all actuality, there is a very small pool of fonts individuals can select from for use on their sites that display correctly in any one of the many different web browsers visitors to their web pages may be using without resorting to other, headache-inducing methods of displaying type. Typekit, which has developed a new technology platform to assist web developers and designers with font usage is aiming to change that.

Through their new platform, Typekit has found a way to host a variety of fonts – both free and for purchase – that isn’t only incredibly fast, but it also serves as a kind of buffer for the way different browsers handle various fonts. It also provides an appropriate level of protection against theft of these creations.

Liz Danizco, of Typekit says: “As a Typekit user, one has access to the library of fonts…People just add a line of JavaScript to their markup, tell Typekit which fonts they want to use, and then craft pages the way they always have. Except now they’re able to use real fonts – not images, not Flash, not substitutes.”

The future is now!

For an example of Typekit at work, visit the Times Skimmer. For more information on Typekit as well as a step-by-step explanation of integrating Typekit into your current site, visit this blog.