Pacific Paint Makes a Splash with ‘Creatures’ Ad Campaign

At this point you may have seen Sherwin-Williams’ brilliant Color Chip ad campaign either in print or on TV, and it’s worth noting they aren’t the only ones out there getting creative when it comes to selling paint. Boysen Paints recently released a series of ads where paint droplets, splashes and other forms captured on camera take on the appearance of various creatures. Aside from Pacific Paints (licensed by Boysen Paints) being the number one paint used in the Philippines, it’s also the only paint accredited with Responsible Care; a global initiative to improve the safety of products and their effects on the environment.

For several years, Pacific Paints has worked with the creative team at the Philippines-based agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno. This year, they picked up where they left off with 2009’s award-winning Flower campaign (examples both here and here), this time exploring a variety of land and sea-dwelling creatures. The creative team and photographers used a variety of splashing and dripping techniques in conjunction with gallons of Boysen Paints to create bright, dynamic likenesses of a jellyfish, snail and a mantis.

In a sense, this campaign really takes it back to basics: no special post production effects were used. Utilizing high-speed photography, strobe lights and various splashing implements such as water pumps and mixing bowls, the team was able to create some beautiful images. Imposed on black backgrounds, the vibrancy and forms of each color come through in an arresting way while well-placed branding and minimal copy contribute to a clean overall design.

Beautiful Paper. Bright Ideas.

Mohawk Fine Papers recently launched a website dedicated to Loop, Mohawk’s new eco-friendly line of recycled papers. Described as the world’s most comprehensive line of environmentally friendly papers, Loop utilizes both post consumer waste and renewable energy sources in production. Not only does this new line is feature papers available in a wide range of colors, finishes and weights, Loop also constitutes the largest selection of 100% PCW options available on the market today.

In addition to providing information on the Loop line of papers, the website contains a number of useful resources and tips on sustainability: including an environmental calculator that gauges the environmental effects of a project consisting of paper materials.