Recent Poll Results: Small Businesses and Graphic Design

Before proceeding with the premiere issue of the Scott Creative newsletter, I needed to know that my audience could see the value in it. I fully understand that graphic design questions and concerns probably aren’t at the top of the heap of business concerns that professionals are dealing with right now – but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be addressed at some point.

So, why not segue into solving a few of these problems with a friendly newsletter? The goal of this newsletter is to serve as an entry point into learning more about the role that graphic design plays in our professional lives and just how large of a role it plays in business.

Graphic design is a concern of small businesses [and] individuals who come from these businesses are interested in learning how it applies to their business.

If you participated in the poll that I posted earlier this month on my LinkedIn profile page, thank you for doing so: the information I gathered from it was extremely helpful in determining the sort of content that will end up in future newsletters. The poll asked a single question: “Are you interested in receiving an eNewsletter covering graphic design trends and design-related questions for your business?” Here are some of my findings from the poll results:

  • Three quarters of poll participants replied “yes”, they were interested in receiving the newsletter.
  • The age of poll participants varied widely. Three quarters of votes came from participants 25-54 years old. The oldest age group represented (55+) showed the most opposition to receiving the newsletter.
  • Nearly 70% of poll participants came from small businesses.

What other observations will I be taking away from this poll? It pointed out many things that I’ve spoken about with many people over the last year: that graphic design is a concern of small businesses, and that individuals who come from these businesses are interested in learning how it applies to their business.

If you own your own business or are coming from a small business, then this recent poll demonstrates the value this newsletter will have for you or your business. Of course I also hope that if/when you’re really interested in the influence graphic design can have on your business, you’ll get in touch with me. Also, if you’re interested in receiving this monthly newsletter, please let me know!