Hustad Companies Inc. Billboard Design

Hustad Companies Billboard Design

In mid-August 2011, Scott Creative was contacted by Hustad Companies, Inc. for assistance with a billboard design. Hustad, a residential roofing and siding company serving the Omaha Metro Area (as well as the Twin Cities, Hudson and Madison, Wisconsin) was seeking to advertise to the thousands of individuals in the Omaha Metro and Council Bluffs areas whose homes were recently damaged in a torrential hail storm.

As this recent storm afforded Hustad a very short window of time to take advantage of an advertising opportunity, a billboard design needed to be drafted, approved and then delivered for printing & production by Lamar within a very short time frame. Completed within a day or receiving Hustad’s request, it’s a great example of Scott Creative’s capability to work quickly on behalf of our clients, even when given such a short time frame to finish a project.

The billboard will appear in several locations in Council Bluffs, Iowa, starting in late August of 2011.

Millennium Plaza Billboard Design

Millennium Plaza Billboard Photo


Millennium Plaza Direct Mail PieceIn June, Scott Creative worked with clients ESI and Belgrade Company on a billboard design which focuses on office space for lease at Millennium Plaza (15858 W Dodge Rd, Omaha, NE). After careful planning, additional research and a photo shoot of the interior and exterior of the building, this final design and copy was developed. The billboard appeared near 149th and L Street, facing west. This advertising campaign also included a 6″ x 9″ direct mail piece advertising an open house event that was held at the end of July at Millennium Plaza.

Nissan LEAF Featured in a Smokin’ New Billboard

Since it’s introduction to the American market in December 2010, Nissan has been making a major push to raise awareness of the company’s first 100% electric vehicle – the LEAF.  A backronym for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car, the LEAF has a range of just over 70 miles per charge and boasts a 99 mpg gas equivalent. Ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day was hired to oversee the design of this gem (above), placed at the 2011 New York International Auto Show.

The billboard is composed of two separate panels: one featuring a larger than life car exhaust, complete with a smoking tailpipe (don’t worry – it’s environmentally friendly), and a second panel which highlights the LEAF. Copy reads: “The auto show has over 1,000 of these. But only one 100% electric, zero-tailpipe Nissan LEAF”. Creative visuals and great copy send a strong message to visitors of the auto show this year, and just might persuade more than a few drivers to consider purchasing the LEAF.

View this video clip to see the billboard in action.

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Branding for Blunts: How would Ad Agencies Brand Marijuana?

Proposition 19, the recent initiative to legalize marijuana for the masses in California may have failed, but that’s not stopping ad agencies, firms and potential future growers of the “cash crop” from thinking about how to brand pot should it ever make its way onto convenience store shelves.

Just what might a carton of joints look like? How magazine advertisements try to persuade you to buy one brand of pot over another? Newsweek recently asked two of New York’s most well-established ad agencies, Pentagram and Mother, to show their take on what pot branding might look like in the future. Package designs, billboards, print ads, even images of an iPad weed recipe app are all available for your viewing pleasure in a slide show on Newsweek’s site, presenting us with some interesting –and humorous – ideas on how pot products might be branded across various mediums.

Northern Lights, a pot brand developed by Pentagram, takes its name and design inspiration from the effects of a well-known, award-winning strain of marijuana. The brand’s mascot, Onehit the Wonder Moose and his smoky breath, representative of the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) adorns packages billboards and magazine ads that focus on the lighter, more humorous side of marijuana use.

Mother shares a similar vein as Pentagram in its approach to pot branding, but with a very different look and feel to their designs. Mother’s Finest, is a pot brand composed of various blends similar to tobacco products by Marlboro or Camel, with each blend having its own unique appeal. With branding reminiscent of art and design of the 60s, psychedelic patterns and heavy serif fonts are used throughout environmental displays, packaging and signage. Color is also used as a signifier of the mood that each blend is best suited to.

“We imagined ‘Mother’s Finest’ to be the Marlboro of weed and established an occasion based marketing and packaging approach to give consumers the exact high they were looking for based on the activities of their particular day” (Mother New York).