Mmmazing Packaging, Design for M&M’s Global Brand

Designworks the design studio at New York City’s BBDO advertising agency, recently worked with Mars develop a comprehensive global brand book for M&M’s, a printed piece that merges five marketing components of the company (identity, packaging, communications, tone of voice and characters) into one package. What Designworks did was produce a fun, beautifully designed piece for use by M&M’s global marketing directors and creatives for branding purposes.

The packaged set is composed of five separate books or guides, each with a colored cover of M&M’s candies, provides insight into an individual marketing program and is accompanied by additional resources on DVD. All five books fit neatly in a bookshelf box with a die cut allowing dozens of M&M’s to peek through.

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Texting For Relief

Rebuild Haiti Ad Campaign

Traditionally, charity campaigns conducted to raise funds for disaster relief are geared this way: show the disaster itself or one of the many disturbing scenes stemming from the disaster, and then ask for donations. In order to stand out amongst the bulk of images and messages from competing organizations, another approach must be taken; that’s precisely what Denmark-based ad agency BBDO recently did.

Instead of showing the death and destruction caused by the recent events in Haiti, BBDO based the campaign around a display of the positive effect money can have on the situation. This ad campaign, done for the Danish People’s Aid, a charity organization currently constructing new homes in Haiti, shows a house built out of cell phones; a representation/symbol of the difference that thousands of text message donations  can have in the lives of Haitians struggling today.