Union Pacific’s “You’ll Find Us” Ad Campaign

Over it’s 150 year history, Union Pacific has become the premiere railroad in the United States, covering 23 states in the western two-thirds of the nation. Now, the company is aiming to reposition itself as the country’s premiere shipping company as well.

Omaha, Nebraska-based advertising agency Bailey Lauerman worked with U.P. on the new campaign, which spans not only print, but tv ad spots and online media as well.

“Today [Union Pacific] is actively redefining freight transportation and helping businesses everywhere ship door-to-door. Our job was to create a compelling campaign that talks directly to shippers, in targeted industries, and help them discover how the logistics experts and Union Pacific might be a great resource for their business.” (Bailey Lauerman)

For the print ads, the creative team at Bailey Lauerman worked with one key component of U.P.’s existing brand: the well-known shield, transformed it into an industrialized three-dimensional form and then placed the object in various business environments. The result is a visual message that conveys the broad reach and heavy influence the company has on a variety of industries. To drive the point home, every print ad includes the headline “Wherever you find business, you’ll find us.”

A construction site, a brewery, a dairy with grazing cattle: the visuals used in these ads position Union Pacific as the shipper of choice for the essential products, ingredients and materials businesses across the nation rely on.