Tires Plus “Anatomy” Ad Campaign Merges Man & Machine

"Over 5 million people a year look to us for new brakes, alignments, oil changes and much more."

"With 11 million tires sold this year alone, nobody knows tires like we know tires."

"We've been keeping the heart of automobiles ticking since 1940."

PyperPaul+Kenney, a Tampa, Florida based agency recently worked with Tires Plus on a poster campaign with the main objective of raising awareness of both the 40-year history of their client and their positioning as a total car care expert with a diverse array of automotive products and services. As their brand name suggests, Tires Plus may be the place to look if you’re in the market for tires, but the message of this new campaign was to communicate the company as a source for much more than that.

The agency’s solution to communicating their client’s diverse set of capabilities and experience in the automotive industry is a series of anatomical images with a twist, merging man and machine in ways that convey the benefits and significance of shopping at Tires Plus. The resulting designs are a series of inspired visuals and corresponding copy that cut through the masses of cluttered, price-driven advertising that seems so inherent to the industry.

The campaign won PyperPaul+Kenney a prestigious Graphis Platinum Award, and to date is considered one of the world’s top 10 advertising campaigns.