Tires Plus “Anatomy” Ad Campaign Merges Man & Machine

"Over 5 million people a year look to us for new brakes, alignments, oil changes and much more."

"With 11 million tires sold this year alone, nobody knows tires like we know tires."

"We've been keeping the heart of automobiles ticking since 1940."

PyperPaul+Kenney, a Tampa, Florida based agency recently worked with Tires Plus on a poster campaign with the main objective of raising awareness of both the 40-year history of their client and their positioning as a total car care expert with a diverse array of automotive products and services. As their brand name suggests, Tires Plus may be the place to look if you’re in the market for tires, but the message of this new campaign was to communicate the company as a source for much more than that.

The agency’s solution to communicating their client’s diverse set of capabilities and experience in the automotive industry is a series of anatomical images with a twist, merging man and machine in ways that convey the benefits and significance of shopping at Tires Plus. The resulting designs are a series of inspired visuals and corresponding copy that cut through the masses of cluttered, price-driven advertising that seems so inherent to the industry.

The campaign won PyperPaul+Kenney a prestigious Graphis Platinum Award, and to date is considered one of the world’s top 10 advertising campaigns.

Union Pacific’s “You’ll Find Us” Ad Campaign

Over it’s 150 year history, Union Pacific has become the premiere railroad in the United States, covering 23 states in the western two-thirds of the nation. Now, the company is aiming to reposition itself as the country’s premiere shipping company as well.

Omaha, Nebraska-based advertising agency Bailey Lauerman worked with U.P. on the new campaign, which spans not only print, but tv ad spots and online media as well.

“Today [Union Pacific] is actively redefining freight transportation and helping businesses everywhere ship door-to-door. Our job was to create a compelling campaign that talks directly to shippers, in targeted industries, and help them discover how the logistics experts and Union Pacific might be a great resource for their business.” (Bailey Lauerman)

For the print ads, the creative team at Bailey Lauerman worked with one key component of U.P.’s existing brand: the well-known shield, transformed it into an industrialized three-dimensional form and then placed the object in various business environments. The result is a visual message that conveys the broad reach and heavy influence the company has on a variety of industries. To drive the point home, every print ad includes the headline “Wherever you find business, you’ll find us.”

A construction site, a brewery, a dairy with grazing cattle: the visuals used in these ads position Union Pacific as the shipper of choice for the essential products, ingredients and materials businesses across the nation rely on.

Permanence Matters Campaigns for Literary Longevity

“Can you imagine how our world would be changed without meaning being memorialized by the written word? No Bible or Koran. No Gettysburg Address… no way to capture and sustain the great ideas, perspectives and whimsy of mankind,” (George H. Glatfelter, CEO, Glatfelter)

Permanence Matters, a division of global paper supplier Glatfelter, believes the best way to preserve books for future generations is by printing them on paper that lasts, rather than on the groundwood paper that’s being used in increasingly by publishers today. The organization argues that groundwood paper – the stuff that many first editions, bestsellers, literary prize winners and textbooks are printed on – begins showing wear & tear after just a few years of use and is unfit for standing the test of time. In addition, there are concerns that this increasing use of groundwood paper could result in serious consequences to our literary history if it continues. Some 1 million new titles printed on groundwood are entering the Library of Congress each year — and that’s only a fraction of the number of new books being added to library collections around the country (Permanence Matters).

To help spread their message, Permanence Matters turned to advertising agency BooneOakley to assist them with bringing about visual representations of the company’s mission: preserving the written word – forever. The result of BooneOakley’s creativity are some fantastic examples of print advertising that viewers of all ages can instantly connect with. Whimsical scenes from some pillars of literature (Treasure Island, Gone With the Wind and War of the Worlds) are beautifully combined with an infinity symbol, creating images that require little or no explanation.

Battleship Posters Are a Hit for JWT

Ovi, a provider of a long list of applications for Nokia phones is now offering the classic game, Battleship, in their online store. To promote the new game, Nokia turned to full service ad agency, JWT Australia New Zealand to design a series of posters. JWT art directors Jordan Young, Steve Back, Murray Bransgrove and their creative team developed a series of posters that depict familiar seagoing vessels studded with gigantic red pegs that anyone who has played Battleship will instantly recognize. Each poster, which combines historic black and white imagery and iconic, larger than life red pegs should be a “hit” with those of us who grew up playing Battleship as well as newcomers now playing the game on Nokia’s mobile devices.