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Hustad Companies Inc. Billboard Design

Hustad Companies Billboard Design

In mid-August 2011, Scott Creative was contacted by Hustad Companies, Inc. for assistance with a billboard design. Hustad, a residential roofing and siding company serving the Omaha Metro Area (as well as the Twin Cities, Hudson and Madison, Wisconsin) was seeking to advertise to the thousands of individuals in the Omaha Metro and Council Bluffs areas whose homes were recently damaged in a torrential hail storm.

As this recent storm afforded Hustad a very short window of time to take advantage of an advertising opportunity, a billboard design needed to be drafted, approved and then delivered for printing & production by Lamar within a very short time frame. Completed within a day or receiving Hustad’s request, it’s a great example of Scott Creative’s capability to work quickly on behalf of our clients, even when given such a short time frame to finish a project.

The billboard will appear in several locations in Council Bluffs, Iowa, starting in late August of 2011.

Jack Daniels’ Woodcut Poster Campaign

In the digital age, some of the most coveted American brands have discovered that there’s still a lot to be said for that which is tangible and authentic. Lately, many American brands have been exploring these concepts in their advertising campaigns. For Jack Daniels, a letterpress and woodcut poster campaign is the most recent approach.

Arnold Worldwide, working on behalf of Jack Daniels, turned to letterpress printer Yee-Haw Industries of Knoxville, Tennessee to create a series of 10 patriotically themed posters.

“Jack has always been an iconic symbol of the independent spirit. So to reinforce that ideology, we created a campaign that championed the independent spirit of Americans,” (Arnold Worldwide).

From start to finish, each poster in the series took three days to complete. Yee-Haw’s authentic print-making process includes sketching each design, carving individual blocks/plates, setting type and then printing each poster. For added authenticity, a bit of Jack Daniels is inked into each poster in the series. The original letterpress and woodcut artwork was then used as inspiration for large outdoor hand-painted murals found across the nation. Arnold Worldwide documented the print process in a short video (below).

Arnold Worldwide took the campaign one step further by building the “Jack Independence” Facebook app. App users can customize an original poster design and then share their creation. If you’d rather opt for an authentic, limited edition poster, those are available for purchase through Yee-Haw’s Etsy store.

Millennium Plaza Billboard Design

Millennium Plaza Billboard Photo


Millennium Plaza Direct Mail PieceIn June, Scott Creative worked with clients ESI and Belgrade Company on a billboard design which focuses on office space for lease at Millennium Plaza (15858 W Dodge Rd, Omaha, NE). After careful planning, additional research and a photo shoot of the interior and exterior of the building, this final design and copy was developed. The billboard appeared near 149th and L Street, facing west. This advertising campaign also included a 6″ x 9″ direct mail piece advertising an open house event that was held at the end of July at Millennium Plaza.