The Process

Scott Creative can help you find solutions to your communications problems through a process designed to fulfill your needs, wants and goals.

I believe that the creative process begins with listening to you, understanding the objectives of your project and then using a systematic course of action to find the solution that’s best suited to your unique problem. This collaborative process is composed of four steps that I believe are integral to any project that I take on. Besides giving rise to creative solutions the results are designed with your needs, wants and goals in mind. I call this creative process IDEA.

1) Initiation

It’s not a conversation about visuals – it’s about finding the right ideas.

The goals of this phase are to outline a project’s objectives and scope. I conduct research, request and materials, ideas and your suggestions to gain a deeper understanding of a project’s objectives.

2) Development

Getting you involved in the creative process.

This phase is where ideas begin to come to life and where you as a client have to start making some decisions. I present you with an initial round of comps (rough designs) that have been developed with the project’s objectives in mind. I have found that clients who vest both their time and interest from the beginning of every project will reap rewards as these ideas develop.

3) Examination

Bringing out the true potential of a design.

I ask you to look over a series of comps and identify the ones that you feel most successfully meet your project’s objectives. Now, it’s time to put those designs – figuratively speaking, under the microscope.

4) Application

Successfully completing all elements of a project.

The fourth step of the process is signaled when you, as a client, have approved of the finalized design(s). Now, it is applied across all parts of the project’s scope. If this is a logo design, for instance, the project may call for the logo to be implemented across all stationary (letterheads, business cards, envelopes), storefronts and as images for your online social media accounts. Whatever the case, expect me to apply the chosen design in all forms that the project calls for.

When I have successfully applied design elements across the full scope of the project, the creative process comes to an end with a design solution that meets – and hopefully exceeds – your expectations.

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