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IDEA — A Four Step Guide to Effective Design

There’s something empowering about understanding how the creative process works and how the process guides the direction of a design project. An understanding of our creative process will give you more confidence in your designer and validate the decisions made over the course of a project. When followed correctly, we feel our creative process gives rise to undeniably better solutions to your communications needs. The purpose of this white paper is to guide you through our interpretation of the creative process and raise some questions along the way.

Creativity, Consistency, Communication: The Three C’s of Corporate Identity Design

Whether you’re re-tooling your brand or starting from scratch, the process of developing a great corporate identity system, you should begin with a better understanding of the three fundamentals of an effective identity system. Use this white paper to educate yourself about these three fundamentals effectively to create an identity system that will serve your business for years to come.