New Logo Design for Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church


Scott Creative recently wrapped up a logo redesign for Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church of Omaha, NE. From the onset of the KMLC logo redesign, Scott Creative had two objectives for KMLC’s new brand identity:

1) To modernize the “look” of KMLC’s logo while retaining some of the elements inherent to the existing identity;

2) To provide KMLC with a logo that is truly unique to their church

Meeting these two objectives presented many challenges that were overcome through learning more about the unique history of KMLC – thanks in no small part to church/staff members – who contributed their time and talent to the project as well.

With a better understanding of both the Lutheran faith as well as the unique history of KMLC, Scott Creative set to work creating a series of visual solutions to KMLC’s identity problem. Several of the designs presented to decision makers offered more abstract designs, but in the end it was a simplified design, drawing inspiration from the shapes and forms found in KMLC’s very unique and recognizable architecture found on the south of the building that hit the mark. This design was combined with KMLC’s current logo typeface to bridge the gap from the old identity to this new, more unique identity that is suitable for use in multiple formats, sizes and colors as the church calls for them.

“We will continue to integrate the new logo into a variety of media, including print and digital publications, as we move forward” says KMLC.

The result is an identity is truly unique to KMLC and one that the church can implement for years to come in printed materials, large scale displays and online as well.

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