Hustad Companies Inc. Billboard Design

Hustad Companies Billboard Design

In mid-August 2011, Scott Creative was contacted by Hustad Companies, Inc. for assistance with a billboard design. Hustad, a residential roofing and siding company serving the Omaha Metro Area (as well as the Twin Cities, Hudson and Madison, Wisconsin) was seeking to advertise to the thousands of individuals in the Omaha Metro and Council Bluffs areas whose homes were recently damaged in a torrential hail storm.

As this recent storm afforded Hustad a very short window of time to take advantage of an advertising opportunity, a billboard design needed to be drafted, approved and then delivered for printing & production by Lamar within a very short time frame. Completed within a day or receiving Hustad’s request, it’s a great example of Scott Creative’s capability to work quickly on behalf of our clients, even when given such a short time frame to finish a project.

The billboard will appear in several locations in Council Bluffs, Iowa, starting in late August of 2011.

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