Google Publishes ‘Think Quarterly’ Magazine for US Market

While the masses have to settle for an e-zine, a printed edition of Think Quarterly is available for a very select group of executives.

This quarter, Google released a B2B e-zine called Think Quarterly. Filled with relevant information from both Google staffers and other industry experts, Think Quarterly is intended to provide readers with interesting insights, conversations and outlooks on the digital future.

“We realized that a lot of our partners wanted access to the same kinds of insights and conversations that inform our decisions and strategies. So we wanted a way to bring that to life,” (Lisa Gevelber, Head of Global Ad Marketing, Google).

Offered for free to the masses, the “Innovation Issue”, which is the first of its kind in the US market, focuses on breaking molds and shaping the future. As an e-zine, the format is similar to a blog that allows users to painlessly browse through the publication by articles and their associated artwork. A click of the mouse opens the full article, revealing a clean layout with attractive pull quotes, additional illustrations/photography and links to similar articles.

“We tried to make Think Quarterly a mix of minds inside Google as well as heads of industry,”

What is undoubtedly sure to become a very coveted printed version of the publication is also available for a very select group of executives. Content aside, those who receive a print version of the premier issue will enjoy some very special tactile design features, including an embossed magnetic cover with accompanying magnetic poetry kit, heat-sensitive end paper and a blue ribbon fastener. These hardcover copies are personalized further by printing the recipient’s name on each individual copy. So far, there is no information on the quantity of the limited edition copies produced.

“We’re getting super positive reactions not just from the core clients but also other people reading the website. These ideas resonate with anyone who is trying to navigate this digital world,”

Read the inaugural issue of Think Quarterly here.

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