Active Motion Chiropractic & Sports Center Direct Mail Campaign

In May 2011, Scott Creative worked with a new client, Active Motion Chiropractic & Sports Center (Omaha, NE) on a direct mail campaign targeting businesses in the Omaha metro area. Dr. Baker, an Omaha chiropractor who specializes in treating joint, nerve and muscle conditions, recently began offering a seminar on workplace wellness that aims to inform business owners about the direct effect that an employee’s physical health can have on the cost of health insurance and what business owners can do about it. Dr. Baker has used direct mail in the past to some success and was interested in what Scott Creative could do to make future campaigns more effective.

“I would call the campaign a great success.  It has more than paid for itself in direct patients and referrals.” (Dr. Baker, Active Motion Chiropractic)

This project began with first clearly outlining Dr. Baker’s needs, wants and goals in an effort to optimize the direct mail campaign. I then assisted Dr. Baker with acquiring a very specific mailing list of businesses fitting key criteria for the campaign. After a list was acquired, we then proceeded with the design of a postcard. A double-sided, 6 x 9″ postcard utilizing supportive imagery and copy was designed with two goals in mind: 1) To raise awareness of the rising costs of health insurance; and 2) provide business owners with an opportunity to learn more about how they can lower the costs of providing health insurance by participating in one of Dr. Baker’s wellness seminars.

“Scott Creative did a wonderful job of taking my marketing to another level. William adds additional value by sharing tips and insight others would never take the time to explain.” (Dr. Baker, Active Motion Chiropractic)

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