2 thoughts on “No Peacock, No Globe: The New Look of NBC Universal

  1. Sorry I didn’t see this post back in February. I was then working at NBC, and the day the new logo/typeface was unleashed. Vinyl supergraphics featuring the creepy new logo suddenly were plastered over the back wall of each of the passenger elevator, and boards featuring the numbing new ‘credo’ appeared in every elevator lobby in the NBC Broadcast Center in New York. Whether the Peacock is missed or not, whether NBC and ‘U’ are mashed together or not seems less striking to me than the weirdly evil cast of the sort of irrelevant horns or thorns springing off the letterforms, sort of wrong-way serifs. The impression is neither ”modern’ nor ‘classic’ but…creepy. The points sort of sticking off the letterforms as if to indicate untrustworthy-ness, callowness, shifty-ness. Com-cast replaced a logo that evoked trust and replaced it with one that looks, well, sneaky and strange.

    • It’s been very interesting reading this insider’s perspective on NBCUniversal’s rebranding process: thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I wonder how others still working there feel about the transition?

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