A Delicious New Package Design for Häagen Dazs

Old Packaging

New Packaging

Undergoing its first packaging redesign in a number of years, Häagen Dazs recently teamed up with the brand strategy and design gurus at Sterling Brands to create new packaging with the purpose of improving the ice-cream brands’ shelf appeal.

Consumer research indicated there was no need to refresh the brand’s current logo or color scheme, so designers created a new interpretation of the brand’s recognizable features, ultimately developing packaging that is arguably more attractive, contemporary and appealing.

“We want to make sure that we maintain our positioning as the super premium ice cream,”
(Jason Merideth, associate brand manager, Häagen Dazs).

Significant design changes include replacing the outgoing burgundy background with a light gold one, which not only makes the text on each carton easier to read, but really lightens up the appearance of each carton. The banner graphic was also tweaked, wrapping it horizontally around the carton.

A ‘tasting notes’ section, much like one you might find on a bottle of wine, has been added on the back of each carton and describes the taste experience of each individual flavor. Typographical changes include implementing a sans-serif font in place of the italicized serif font listing the product flavor and making the brand’s all-natural benefit more prominent by placing the “all-natural ice cream” promise directly underneath the flavor name.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes is the emphasis on photography, which is not only designed to reflect the quality of the ice cream, but to further increase the appeal of each product.

Apparently, the redesign has been successful. Since it’s launch in February 2010, Perception Research Services studies have found that this new packaging has improved individual flavor ‘shopability’ of the Häagen Dazs brand by over 20 percent.

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