Sagent Using Color to Prevent Medical Errors

Mhdezign, whose clients include the Bed Bath & Beyond, Qwest and KIA Automobiles, recently worked with Sagent Pharmaceuticals, a specialty injectables company to design a packaging and labeling system for the company’s line of products. Called PreventIV Measures™, Sagent’s color coded system not only stands out, but clarifies drug information and dosage for the nurses and doctors delivering injectables like the anticoagulant, Heparin.

Through using this unique system, Sagent is doing their part to lower the frequency of medical errors and confusion that can occur during a patient’s treatment. In fact, Sagent is the only pharmaceutical company today using this color-based system of identification. The PreventIV Measures™  packaging and labeling helps promote immediate drug and dose  recognition for every medical professional who handles a medication – from the pharmacy to the  patient’s bedside and at every point in between.  (Sagent Pharmaceuticals)


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