Print Remains An Essential Piece Of The Communications Puzzle

For the past 47 years, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has held its Annual Print Design Survey in an effort to understand more about the continuous, influential role of print design. These days there’s a lot of talk about the death of print – fortunately, GDUSAs latest findings conclude otherwise: print design today remains an essential component of business’ marketing and advertising efforts.

“Print is just another piece of the marketing communications puzzle… print feeds off of internet and internet feeds off of print.” John Danek, Danek Designs!

According to the 47th Annual Print Design Survey, print and collateral materials continue to be a major source of work for graphic designers. Over 90 percent of survey participants (GDUSA readers) indicated that they design for print in addition to other mediums, and that print projects take up nearly 70 percent of their time. The design of brochures/collateral, direct mail pieces, promotional material and print advertising are all found in the report’s top ten print projects that designers have worked on in the last year.

“While digital and web are becoming more dominant, printed pieces still have a great importance in every line of business.” Christie Denk, CMD Graphics

In addition to designing a wide range of printed materials, the survey also indicates that designers are also buying for print at a growing rate. A resounding majority of participants – 88 percent – answered that they bought or specified printing during the past year. These designers are also increasingly turning to digital short-run printing as an alternative to traditional printing. In fact, 79 percent of survey respondents answered that they buy or specify digital short-run printing. Their reasons for doing so are also indicated in the survey: digital short-run printing is ideal if one is looking for fast turnaround, affordability and the ease of workflow.

For more on the survey results, visit GDUSA.

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