AIGA Report Shows Revival in Design Investment


Since 2005, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has conducted a quarterly survey of design industry leaders in an effort to gather information on the conditions within the design economy. Using a system called the Design Leaders Confidence Index, AIGA obtains answers from several hundred design leaders and uses their responses to measure the current state of the design economy. April’s index concludes that an interest and investment in design has steadily been rising from the survey’s all time low in October 2008 (50.66) to a record high this past April (103.73), representing the strongest level of investment in design yet seen during this economic recovery. What does this recent index mean to industry professionals and those participating in the design economy? – Good news.

We’re getting Jobs.

While 15% of industry professionals feel they are less likely to hire new designers, more than one-third of survey respondents believe they will be more likely to hire new designers in this quarter than last.

We’re Modernizing.

Nearly half of the survey participants reported an increased interest in purchasing new hardware and software. A statistic which is up from three months ago.

We’re Confident.

The survey indicates that designers are more confident than many other business leaders. This has to be due at least partially to a renewed interest in consumers who are reinvesting in professional-grade design, reducing both concerns about business as well as the availability of jobs.

AIGA will conduct its next quarterly Design Leaders Confidence Index survey in July.

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