Hiring Out Work

This past December, I posted a poll on LinkedIn with the intention of finding out more about the choices businesses and individuals make when they seek out help for their visual communications needs. Though only one quarter of participants had hired out work for their needs in the past, they chose to work with a design studio or agency. None of the participants had ever worked with a freelance designer.

A fact being that none of the participants had worked with a freelance designer up to the time of the poll, but some did have experience working with a design studio or agency raises some additional questions. Is it because these businesses don’t feel comfortable working with a freelancer?, Is it because they’ve never been approached by one?, Did the thought ever cross their mind?

To help answer some of these questions, I’ve created another poll which asks this question: If you have worked with a freelancer, studio or agency in the past, what factor(s) influenced your decision to work with them the most?

After seeing the results of this poll, I plan on providing additional information on the advantages of working with a freelancer. The poll will run now through the end of March. Thanks in advance for your participation and I’ll look forward to sharing the results of the poll with you!

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